Removable Rotating Belt Loop

  • Removable Rotating Belt Loop

The Removable Rotating Belt Loop is designed to be used in conjunction with the Reflex Adaptor Plate and our Reflex series of integrated retention holsters. It positions the firearm in an ideal position for both competitive shooters and law enforcement professionals.

For competitors, the Reflex Adapter Plate is compatible with the removable rotating belt loop, which positions the firearm in an ideal draw position for multi-gun and handgun competition. Following practice or competition, the holster can be quickly removed from the belt loop attachment for a seamless transition between shooting and non-shooting moments on the range or during competition.

For law enforcement it allows seated officers to rotate the firearm from the locked vertical position, allowing the muzzle to clear obstructing surfaces. Mobile officers entering "no gun" areas can easily rotate and detach their locked and holstered firearm without having to handle the firearm.