Sentinel Duty Gear

  • Sentinel Duty Gear

Built for agencies demanding quality without compromising their budget. Made of molded foam with a ballistic nylon outer shell, Sentinel is as functional as it is durable.

SKU Finish Color Size Additional Info
89081 Nylon Black Sm 26-30" 660-762mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89082 Nylon Black Med 32-36" 813-914mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89083 Nylon Black Lg 38-42" 965-1067mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89084 Nylon Black X-Lg 44-48" 1118-1219mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89085 Nylon Black XX-Lg 50-54" 1270-1372mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89086 Nylon Black 3X-Lg 56-60" 1422-1524mm Nylon Sentinel Duty Belts
89060 Black Universal Radio Holder
89061 Black Pager/Glove Pouch
89062 Black Silent Key Holder
89063 Black Flashlight Holder
89064 Black Fitted Double Speedloader Case
89065 Black 21” Expandable Baton Holder
89066 Black 24/26” Expandable Baton Holder
89067 Black Standard Key Holder
89068 Black Single Handcuff Case
89069 Black Double Handcuff Case
89070 Black Small OC/Mace Pouch
89071 Black Large OC/Mace Pouch
89072 Black Double Latex Glove Holder
89073 Black Mini Flashlight Holder
89074 Black Stinger Light Holder
89075 Black Double Magazine Case Single Stack
89076 Black Double Mag Case - Glock 21
89077 Black Double Mag Pouch - Glock 17
89078 Black Baton Holder
89080 Black 3⁄4” Belt Keepers (set of 4)